PRO MUSICA BANDWAGON@ChangChui Creative Park

PRO MUSICA BANDWAGON@ChangChui Creative Park

Sunday November 21

TIME : 18:00

Free Admission


Pro Musica Bandwagon comes to ChangChui Creative Park
Sunday November 21, 2021
18.00 onwards

มาสัมผัสดนตรีคลาสสิคแบบเข้าถึงง่ายๆ ในบรรยากาศกลางแจ้งสนุกๆของช่างชุ่ย

With concert halls closed and social distancing still necessary, Pro Musica has created a brand-new way to bring performances to local communities across Bangkok and its suburbs. A customized pickup truck brings musicians and special guest artists to present outdoor “pull-up” performances.

Free admission
Donations greatly appreciated


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