Chamber music at home

Chamber Music at Home is a platform that enables communities to come together around great art – a social network that connects the finest classical musicians directly with audiences through chamber music gatherings. Share the great masterpieces of music with old and new friends — in your home and throughout the world. Because art is better with your friends, music can’t hear itself, and we need to feel it together.


The Bandwagon is coming soon!
With concert halls closed and social distancing still necessary, Pro Musica has created a brand-new way to bring performances to local communities across Bangkok and its suburbs. A customized pickup truck brings musicians and special guest artists to present outdoor “pull-up” performances.


In the small entry room, you move past a curtain, through an unknown door. There’s a teasing view — some kind of installation fills a sunken space. It’s like you scored a backstage pass — time to explore! Turn the corner, find the bar: there’s craft cocktails and small bites. Video projections flash on the walls. All eyes go to the stage, ready for the show to start. And then the music — live music. It’s just so good. Pounding beats, otherworldly chants come from all corners of the space. Close your eyes: it sounds like you’re in a cathedral and then an underground club. Unique and stimulating and totally different.

Music Everywhere

Pro Musica creates and promotes new approaches to classical music. We want to change the image of classical music to attract new audiences, to push boundaries and to explore fresh ways of programming classical music, both within and outside of its traditional settings.

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