Ticket 1,250 THB EARLY BIRD 1,000 THB (until June 30th)


“ MELODY/MIND Assembled ”

What if…
Listening is not the only thing we interact with a music.
But we allow the melody to escort us to our own inner space.
The space full of peacefulness and awareness
,where the MELODY and the MIND assembled.

Pro Musica, in collaboration with Muchimore, presents:
An awareness enhancing mini concert, never before in Thailand, where a classical masterpiece meets a series of peaceful mindfulness practice.

As a music can flowingly communicate and naturally connect with our minds, it serves as a transportation mean taking us to far far away while we are sitting here with our ears open. One of the pleasant places that a music can take us is a vast space of peacefulness and relaxation.

This mini concert provides you a combination between a piece of classical music and a series of meditation in various practices such as sitting, standing, walking, (or lying down if you like). Believing that the connection between the melody and the mind will bring us calmness, peacefulness, flow,and joy both physically and mentally, we invite you to join this experimental and experiential moment with us.

Pro Musica, the first professional classical band in Thailand, is presenting to you “The Divertimento in E♭ major, K. 563, is a string trio, written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” by a trio band: Violin, Viola, Cello and aiming to create an interactive experience both physically and mentally for the audiences.

Hayne Kim, Tasana Nagavajara, and Jonathan Weigle have performed in international concerts throughout the world’s most famous music centres such as Vienna, Berlin, New York, Tokyo etc.

The Divertimento in E♭ major, K. 563, is a string trio, written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1788, the year in which he completed his last three symphonies and his “Coronation” Piano Concerto. Alfred Einstein called it “one of his noblest works.” and wrote about it “it is a true chamber-music work, and grew to such large proportions only because it was intended to offer … something special in the way of art, invention, and good spirits. … Each instrument is primus inter pares, every note is significant, every note is a contribution to spiritual and sensuous fulfilment in sound.”

We invite you to join this authentic experience in a relaxing and friendly mood.
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Max. capacity 25 persons
July 12th
19.00 – 21.00
Ticket 1,250 THB
EARLY BIRD 1,000 THB (until June 30th)
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Muchimore Balance House
Premiere 1 alley, Srinakarin road
Nongbon, Prawet, Bangkok (Parking available)
For more information and ticket sales, please send a message via Facebook inbox or LINE: @muchimorelife

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