MELODIO X Rainin’ With U

MELODIO X Rainin’ With U

SEP 14, 2022

TIME : 19:30

1,000 BAHT


“MELODIO” is an ensemble that focuses on exploring various kinds of music styles. Coming from similar musical backgrounds, we feel that we can make classical music accessible to everyone. We always have to remind ourselves that the dividing line between classical and popular music was only drawn in recent history. We feel the more that we can do to bring some of the impact found in other genres into the classical music world, the better. There’s no need to dilute the music itself – but no need to rarify it, either. We feel the need to communicate our enthusiasm and excitement about classical music without embarrassment or inhibition… And to do that, we feel we can use classical instruments to bring excitement to the newer generations.

This year we present you favored selections from our playlist drenched in sensuous hues of the season. All 7 musicians will take you on a memorable journey that warms your heart on a rainy day but still be as thrilling as the raging dark clouds. Dimmed lights peeking through the clouds behind the open sky will soothe you through the night.
“MELODIO X Rainin’ With U”

Ticket 1,000 THB, 600 THB for children. You can purchase tickets by: calling 089-4954426 or add line id : guer
or inbox Facebook Page: Melodio (
or fill in the Google form
or emailing

Chawin Karnjanaphan (Violin)
Arlene Karnjanaphan (Cello)
Kant Lormsomboon (Piano)
Kasina Ansvananda (Violin)
Siriwat Pliansanthia (Double Bass)
Naruedon Suteerasak (Percussion)

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